Publish the Easter-eggs CIR report 2022

Bonjour @PYD

As work starts with Webarchitects and Bearstech to help them follow the footsteps of Easter-eggs regarding the CIR activities related to software forges, it would be useful to publish the 2022 report that was prepared for Easter-eggs back in May 2022. There is no urgency to do so because it will only be useful to them for inspiration in 2023, but it would help get clarity on what to expect down the line.

The only reason why it was not published right away is because the consulting company that helped Easter-eggs figure out how to formulate the content did not provide the sources. They are reluctant to do so because (quoting them) it contains copyrighted graphics of their company. I’ve sent them a dozen emails over the past four months asking for a source version without the graphics but they became unresponsive. This is not a blocker because there always is the option of copy/pasting the content from the PDF document into an ODT. I was hoping to avoid this very tedious task but it looks like there is no way around it.

Unless you have a brilliant idea to save me the trouble, I’ll get to it next week.

What do you think?