Gna! MVP February 1st, 2023


I’m motivated to work on a MVP to implement Gna! as described today, which is different from the July 1st MVP (no business model, Gitea only, including the Clinic).

I’ll aim for a deadline at January 1st, 2023 (8 hours a week during 10 weeks) with a test period starting December 15th, 2022 (8 hours a week during 2 weeks). That leaves about two months to do a few things:

If other tasks are later added to the organization repository I will prefix the title with [MVP].

Since Bearstech and Webarchitects do not yet have any funding to work on Gna! they are unlikely to participate, but they could if they have nothing better to do. However I suspect they are, like most people, very busy with their current projects and have little time to spare on Gna!

If anyone has time to dedicate to work on this with me, feel free to speak up!


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There has been a major event unexpectedly requiring time that was not planned. As a result I’m unable to meet the January 1st deadline and postponed the MVP to February 1st. This delay is realistic if Codeberg agrees to host the fork. If not, I’m unsure what will happen next.

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