Demande pour rejoindre le projet : scop Bearstech


Nous souhaiterions rejoindre le projet et sommes à votre disposition pour répondre à vos questions !



Bonjour Pierre et bienvenue :tada:

I will reply in English for the benefit of everyone, assuming you read it well enough. If not I can switch back to French. In any case you are welcome to reply in French. Multi-lingual conversations are a good way for everyone to express themselves as best as they can :slight_smile:

Joining Gna! does not require anything but the will to do so. With @natct we have presented what Gna! is about so I won’t repeat that. Except to say that I’m personally very happy that you collectively decided it was a good match.

There are a few things we did not cover during the call and they are of importance, specially because Gna! is unique in this regard:

  • Radical transparency
  • Horizontal and non incorporated collective
  • Revenue sharing model

The radical transparency part is the easiest and can be summarized as follows: there are no private discussions about Gna!, it all happens in public. Which does not mean members of the Gna! collective are committed to never have any private conversation :slight_smile: But such conversations are not in the scope of Gna! In other words, whatever contracts or business deals Bearstech or Easter-eggs have that involve Gitea or GitLab that is not discussed in public is not part of Gna! and cannot be. It matters, for instance, for the revenue sharing model. This transparency has been in place since the inception of Gna! and will allow you to read each and every conversation that led to where we currently are. It is a lot to take in and I’d be happy to answer any question you may have to save you the trouble of digging through all the archives :sweat_smile:

The non-incorporated part is more difficult to get and will get some getting used to. To facilitate the on-boarding, a guide was written and should provide you with a good overview, down to the last detail, within a reasonable amount of time. Again, if you have questions I’d be happy to answer them.

Now, from a practical standpoint, the first action step is to make it so Bearstech has the financial means to work on Gna! Although the collective does not forbid volunteer work, it is designed to allow for paid work and be profitable for its members. Since you are located in France the CIR is the best way to bootstrap this. For better and for worse, forges are still in a very experimental stage and Gna! is arguably an experimental ground, specially when it comes to forge federation.

It is my understanding that Bearstech already has experience with CIR and that will save me some explaining. In a nutshell I propose that we work together on a “rescrit” to get approval from the French IRS for a period of three years. This is a difficult process but it will be greatly simplified because I already did the legwork for Easter-eggs last year. It was approved and this example will go a long way to help create a similar but different application for Bearstech. There is no shortage of R&D topics around software development forges.

We could simply start by picking a topic that is a good match for the particular skill set of Bearstech engineers. If you’re unsure which to pick, this can be discussed during a videoconference, if that’s easier. It will take time for the “rescrit” to be approved but I’m hopeful it can happen within six months and the participation of Bearstech to Gna! can begin then.

Last but not least, note that webarchitects is also following the same path in the UK. It would be great if each cooperative (Bearstech, Easter-eggs, Webarchitects) come up with coordinated efforts to advance Free Software forges.

What do you think?

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