Decision: replacing the name Hostea with Gna!

The Gna! forge has been offline for five years but the domain is still available. Hostea is very closely aligned with Gna! values and goals, it is a legitimate resurrection. @dachary is one of the original founders of Gna!

Unless there is an objection within a week, the name Hostea will be replaced with Gna!


Several possible issues that I see:
2. How will Gna! and Hostea Gna! be distinguished? Maybe by using the same domain but changing the name a little (like Hostea Gna! for example)
3. While the project has been shutdown for a few years now, just taking it’s name because you do the same thing is not enough to justify such a move. Describe your relationship to the project to justify it.

Hostea will be renamed Gna! and Hostea will no longer exist, there will be no need to distinguish them.

Quoting the Gna! wikipedia page:

In January 2004,[2][3] Loïc Dachary (who also started GNU Savannah) and several former GNU Savannah maintainers set up “Gna!” as a continuation of the Savannah project

I added the following phrase to the decision proposal (version 2):

@dachary is one of the original founders of Gna!


It has been a week with no objection. Hostea will be renamed Gna!