User Research reboot: focusing on self-hosted Gitea sysadmins


The idea of a hostea offering Gitea repair services seems good, at least to @realaravinth and myself :slight_smile: Sysadmins that run into trouble with their Gitea instance are presumably a good customer base for hostea, as long as there is a way for them to rely on hostea for the transition.

The ongoing User Research focuses on the Sysadmin personae who manage instances for their clients and the three interviews clearly show they are (i) very, very unlikely to be attracted by hostea and (ii) they derive zero income from hosting Gitea. I will complete the transcription of the third interview this week and after it is done I propose to not go further and cancel the affinity mapping & report. Unless someone has a hunch that they could lead to a more positive conclusion.

Of course this is a little disappointing but it’s also why User Research is so precious: it forces us to take a hard look at the reality.

I propose to recycle the hours planned for affinity mapping & report and reboot the User Research with the following question:

Why and how do people deal with upgrades when they self-host their Gitea instance?

The personae is still the Sysadmin but it they install their Gitea instance for themselves instead of doing it for their client. I suspect there would need to beat least ten interviews for this research to yield something interesting. Since that does not fit in the MVP timeframe, a less ambitious goal would be to aim for completing the ten interviews by July 1st and leave the transcription, affinity mapping and report until after July 1st.

What do you think?

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Agreed but I propose we suspend/step back Hostea UX research post-MVP until Gitea federates. I think federation will bring renewed interest in Gitea, and we might get entirely different responses to our UX research questions.

Additionally, I think we should also focus on Gitea users for the purpose of shared hosting. I understand and agree with your reservations towards this matter but since shared hosting is also part of the objectives of the project, it might be prudent to include it as part of our UX-research.

Postponing User Research (which is different from UX) is not something I feel comfortable with. It is instrumental to figure out who hostea users will be and what they need. A month ago I thought those users would be sysadmins working for organizations providing Gitea instances for their customers. And User Research proved me wrong. I’d rather know as soon as possible if the idea of rescuing Gitea instances is as good as it looks or if it’s another pipe dream :smiley:

Do you think it should take precedence over User Research focused on the question:

Why and how do people deal with upgrades when they self-host their Gitea instance?

The reason I ask is that I don’t think both can be done simultaneously.

No, I was proposing that we should plan to interview a different set of people who might be interested in shared hosting. The upgrades question is suitable for self-hosted whereas shared hosting is for a different audience.

I’m familiarizing myself with the interviewing process and also reading the UX research guide you linked in the UX research repository, so I could assist you in the interview process :slight_smile:

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