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Not a good fit

  • Already in the proprietary software business fintech, probably a significant cultural gap Elsane's profile
  • Australia is a difficult TZ Kane's profile

I created myself an account but I don’t know how to get a permalink. The features of the website require a paid subscription. The filters to look for co-founders are not working as I would expect. For instance I selected to only see people who are looking to partner with someone who already has an idea but then I see an overwhelming majority of profiles that already have an idea :thinking: :


I got a subscription and sent a dozen messages last week. No answer at all so far. Only two messages were read (it’s good to have confirmation about that).


There has been zero answer. My profile was not good, that’s maybe why. I reworked it as it turns out markdown works. I’m not sure yet how to see my own profile to verify it looks good when someone else sees it. Also I added a link to my introduction video. I’ll spend less time analyzing the profiles and send out a batch of ten.

Changed the message sent to candidates to:

I hope my one minute pitch forgefriends and the page explaining the kind of co-founder I’m looking for will be of interest to you Code hosting service looking for a co-founder with a post growth business mindset

The reason I subscribed to starthawk was because it was recommended in a talk from someone who recently used it and found a co-founder (not on starthawk). But I’m not impressed by the service so far.