Revenue sharing September/October 2022

Bonjour @realaravinth

There was a decision to settle accounts on a monthly basis and some work was done to automate that in the accountant repository. It’s not complete yet… but it is not a blocker. Things are simple right now and can be done manually :sweat_smile:

As of today there is about 2,000€ income for Gna! and that would be split evenly between you and me, with ~200€ going @Gusted. Since I’m the one holding the money, I would wire the ~1,000€ to you, ~200€ to @Gusted and be done with it. I’m happy to do that this month unless you have an objection.

If you prefer to wait until you have received payment for the work done under contract with Easter-eggs, I’m also fine with that. Should you send an invoice in the following days, you may have the money on your bank account early October. It would further simplify the sharing since both you and me would roughly hold the same amount of income and they would cancel each other. I could just wire money to @Gusted and there would be no need for any other transaction.

What do you think?

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Hello @dachary,

Can we wait until I file my invoice with Easter-eggs? We might be able to save on overseas transaction costs that way :slight_smile: I’ll file the invoice within the day.

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My invoice is mostly ready, I’ve accounted for work till August. I’m currently travelling, and the network coverage is poor. So I’m unable to download the latest logs. I’ll run accountant on Hostea and Gna organisations on the Gna! Gitea and finish the invoice in another 12 hours.

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