How we built a $1M ARR open source SaaS

Wow, very cool story!

Great example of a product serving a niche, and I think they’ll really take off now with GA4 coming out (excuse to switch).

Just did a quick skim, but my opinion on why people bought over the years (i.e. convince boss to buy):

  • Reduces risk. Very heavy push towards EU-compliance, likely the #1 reason.
  • Saves time. Product is simpler (fewer features) and is therefore simpler and easier to use, which reduces training time and adoption by new users
  • Increases revenue. A stretch, but by reducing page load time, visitors are more likely to stay - and the increased insight by non-blocked ad-blocked helps optimize website

It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to the value that analytics bring, and I wouldn’t be surprised if web agencies use it to give a competitive edge (Point #2 - saves time).

… Okay now I better get back to real work :smiley:


There are legal obligations in France for governmental agencies to save the source code of the software they author in a durable way. This is a recent obligation (late 2021) and may be a way to start the conversation.

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