Hostea governance

At this point it looks like hostea is going to provide two services:

It was previously agreed on between @realaravinth and myself that the core values of hostea are:

  • A horizontal non-incorporated organization
  • 100% Free Software
  • Radical transparency (i.e. everything happens in public and is published publicly, only private and confidential information is redacted)

With that in mind, here is how hostea governance could work:

  • Each hostea member (Easter-Eggs, @realaravinth, etc.) handle their own cases, in their own trackers
  • The people who had their Gitea instance fixed grade members, if and only if the work was done in public so that it can be audited by other members. Work done in private is not forbidden, it just does not improve the member reputation
  • Active Hostea members are displayed on, in grade order
  • The top X members are trusted with running

Income distribution could work in this way

  • Hourly rate for the work done in public is the same for all members: they only compete on quality of service, not pricing
  • 50% of the price goes to the member who delivered the service, 25% is dedicated to improving Gitea, Woodpecker and other dependencies, 25% is dedicated to improving Hostea

What I find interesting is that it effectively gives control over Hostea to the members who are the most active in good 1-to-1 relationships with users. If Hostea is only hosting Gitea instances I don’t see how user satisfaction could meaningfully be traced back to a particular member.

How does that sound?