Displaying Hostea sustainability and activity


Now that the Hostea governance is set it would be nice for people discovering the project to follow its activity and understand how it operates, how the core values are upheld in practice. Although it still is in a very experimental stage, a pattern emerges from the discussions in the Clinic forum, the blog posts, the contributions to Gitea and the Gitea upgrade issues being treated at the Clinic.

  • The service activity is paid by the hour to every Hostea member. There is no income at the moment and Hostea is in debt with its members but what nobody works for free.
  • A share of this income is dedicated to contributing to Gitea.
  • The rest is dedicated to developing Hostea itself.

Here is how it manifests itself on a simple actual use case:

It is currently quite difficult to figure that out. Since the Hostea activity is not overwhelming at the moment, the most user friendly way to make this digestable for the visitor would probably be to have a manually updated page at https://hostea.org that shows something like:

Updated Work Paid service 50% Gitea contribution 25% Hostea contribution 25%
2022-05-28 5h Gitea upgrade from 1.11 to 1.16 bug fix Add version table to the Hostea admin guide

What do you think?


The backport took less than one hour but there was also the bug fix and altogether it is approximately one hour.