Decision: Instance pricing

Although the public pricing of the Sandbox flavor is displayed as follows:


The actual price invoiced is lower because the region chosen to deploy the fleet has different flavors (s1-* instead of d2-*), as can be observed from the Hostea invoices.

The cost of running a VM is, monthly, VAT included (including backups):+1:

  • 3,50€ VM + 1.20€ (7 days, 10GB, ~0.014€ / GB VAT not included) = 4.70€ ~5€ for s1-2
  • 10€ s1-4
  • 20€ s1-8

According to the revenue sharing model 50% of the income goes to (i) dependencies (ii) hostea improvements. Now let’s assume at this very early stage hostea improvements includes actually maintaining the service: it is in a such experimental stage that it seems to be a good approximation.

The monthly instance pricing must therefore be set to:

  • 10€ for s1-2
  • 20€ for s1-4
  • 40€ for s1-8


If there is no objection within two weeks, this decision will be enacted.

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There has been no objection, the price is accepted.