Clinic should focus on Docker based Gitea instances on GNU/Linux


After more than two months, the experiment with the clinic is concluded. It is not a service that Hostea can provide because there is not much interest and it will not generate any significant income. In addition, in order to be able to help people with Gitea upgrades, a very significant work must be done to observe and understand how Gitea evolves. It is therefore not possible to just leave the clinic open, do nothing, and expect to be able to fix an upgrade problem when someone shows up.

However it would make sense to specialize the clinic on upgrades involving Docker based Gitea instances on GNU/Linux because it is an expertise Hostea needs to maintain to operate successfully. This eliminates a wide range of installations from various operating systems or packaging systems where things are done in a very different way and sometime incorrectly.

While running the clinic, the accumulated knowledge was compiled in a guide that proved generally useful:

As it turns out, it focuses on Docker installations and it would make sense to keep updating it and to clarify this focus in the introduction so that people deploying from binary or on other operating systems are not disappointed.

It should not completely exclude all other kind of installations. Eventually Hostea should be able to accept a backup of a Gitea instance and migrate it for hosting purposes. Such a migration could happen automatically but it will most probably require someone to fix problems.

What do you think?

Since there are no objections, the HOWTO moved to its own repository and will be updated there.